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W.I.N.T.E.R ♥ B.R.E.A.K

this winter break was awsome..

♥ partied

♥ moved on from my past! (many people understand what im saying)

♥ had an old friend come back into my life (ashley)<3

♥ hung out with all of my friends that i love!

♥ started a new year! yeah bitch! :)

♥ learned from a couple mistakes

♥ saved my kimmy over 24897593487 times <3

♥ got rid of stalkers!

♥ watched ray turn into elvis!

♥ met michele's new sophomore!

♥ almost got killed in peter's car like 2 times! good times good times

♥ tried to save stina's ass but her grandma out smarted us!

♥ introduced ray and jose to country music! that was a hoot...

tomarrow is school and its all over bitch!
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I think im starting to like it...
lol awe im glad! lol wranglers :)

Winter break was great!!!

You didnt have to save me that many times.. it was only like 1235

Skool Sucks!!!

lol ONLY..stupid.. i <3 u!

and yeah school sucks and so do u! :)
sounds like someone had a good break =)

lol yeah! how was urs?

sounds like a whole lotta fun. see u soon lovebug.
yeah it was fun how was ur winter break love? and the party? how did that shit go?

I love you Britt.

Glad you had fun too cuz this was my best one ever besides the groundings and stuff lol.

lol awe i hate being grounded.! yah it was a great winter break! lol well im glad being grounded was in some way worth it for u! :)

awwww Britt glad you like my sophomore <3
yes ur sophomore is approved by me my love! :)

happy new yearrr
awe thank u happy new year to u too..and i really like ur hair my love!