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today was ok...
i went to school that was a negitive..and crisitna went home early cus she was sick.. :( feel better buc nasty.. ! and then at lunch, the wierdo columbian kids didnt sit with us so that was a plus..cus i get scared of them cus they always speak spanish and scream..its scawy..! i gave michele's sock back to her..i miss it! lol..

tomarrow night im goin to the fashion show i think..and im dragging kim along becuase she needs a good laugh. it makes me mad though cus buc nasty isnt in it and ew fat people are. that scares me..but hey ill live.

also tomarrow i think me and nicole are going to see kevin's skunk after school thats defently a plus cus skunks are wierd and i want to hold it lol! today in my pe class these two girls got into a fihgt it was the funniest thing i think i've ever seen when they got broken up, there was like pieces of weave all over the floor..dirty.

yeah well thats the fun of my day..im guna go str8en my hair..

Oo Britt oO

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