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guatalupae (don't ask)

today was "blah" nothing exciting happened except for i got to see all my friends...i still have michele's lil sock thingy..so michele remember to ask me for it cus its in my backpack and people keep on askin me if its a baby sock..dirty. :0)

after school me nicole amanda jena and buc nasty all went to mcdonalds...it was fun exceot for the fact taht we had to cram into nicole's sexy car. then we went to pick up nicole's lil sis and we saw kids in her middle school that were like 2x the size of us..ew it was scary...but were planning to go tot he beach on saturday..and then to super walmart for make-up shopping..cus i duno we tend to do that together and its awsome!

kimmy is awawy for family issues and i miss her it makes me sad that im not with my other half :( ..but its ok cus shes coming home soon and shes guna pick me up from school in her car that doesnt exist! its hot..! and then were selling my horse cus hes a nut case and were purchasing me another one.. :( ..sadness!

Me and britt went to aventura mall on thurseday and we got our cartaledge pierced..mine hurts like a bitch! i feel retarted cus when i touch my hair it hurts so, i jump and look dumb! oh well so ill get over it...

well i got to get goin..

Oo Britt oO

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