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Good mother fucking chats with my baby!

thatcristinagirL: dont tell me, i was all in his grill
thatcristinagirL: lol
TEARSisworeiLOST: kl;mai hahahaw[dgfkm.jbgbl
TEARSisworeiLOST: all up in that niggaz grill fo sho
thatcristinagirL: lmao
thatcristinagirL: ya heard me
thatcristinagirL: i was all in shit sadly
thatcristinagirL: his shit
TEARSisworeiLOST: ::shrugs basket ball jersey and bling bling snaggles together:: say whaaa
thatcristinagirL: lol big pimpin chainnnn
TEARSisworeiLOST: hell naw nigga mah snowman bling bling fo sho
thatcristinagirL: young britty the snowman nigga!!!
TEARSisworeiLOST: lmao hahahhahahhaha

motha fucka whaaaaaa

i ♥ MY stiner fo realz

B R I T Tz
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