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journal entry ..<33

15 with the triple beam workin the streets
lil boy got a ride now he bumpin the beats
He pass by, makin noise
hot boy, we see ya with your flip phone
Talkin to the young bitches, he use to be afraid
now he shootin his thangs cuz he gettin paid, (i like that)
when i was his age i use to be the same kinda way
a rush to get paid and keep the fresh pair of J's
On my feet and it was something to ball
Going around school tellin his partners i ain't rollin with yall
don't hit on the grind with a pocket full of dimes
Hope he got that nine and he got it on his mind
cuz them haters won't like that, would u blast
cuz these boys would show a man his ass
so watch yo back lil playa the game is cold
most of us don't make it old
slow your roll

to be continued

written by mac
typed by MICKEY
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