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no one can beat my weekend!

this weekend was fun! to slim it down..

*: went to a kegger
*: froze to death cus im the only one who would sit there and wear a skirt and a tank top while going to a keg party in the middle of no where on a 60 degree night. the had to get my pretty wardrobe all messed up cus i had to wear a flannel that didnt match one thing that i was wearing..btu it saved my life.
*: met someone who beat the shit out of kim's x-boyfriend ..yay!
*: heard that stina almost got into a fight with some fat bitch..
*: me and kim almost got arrested
*: went to regal and hung out with random people
*: then walked to starbucks from regal and almost got raped and killed by a car
*: got my nails done..they look so perty
*: got kicked outa the dollar store
*: saw the spongebob movie..no one see that u'll be sorry if u acculy waste your money on that!!

lol after all this weekend was great! lol :)

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