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today was dumb!! my str8ener broke lol so i got some serious issues! :( and me and andi always seem to get into fights with black people after first period..wtf..and then stina wasnt there so i had to acculy studt in debate and learn something..how dare me!! then at lunch jesse went and got suspended for "dropping a chair" and then britt almost got in trouble cus she was re-acting the hole thing and i dont think that she relized that mr.gysmar (how ever the hell u spell it) was standing there as we were all making fun of him..bad us! then in PE me and shelly acculy participated and ran a mile..(yes i ran) then in my 6th period i passed out cus i was sooo tired..lol what a fun day!! lol

and now im going riding with kimmy cus thats wut we do! :) then tonight i have to baby sit my lil bro cus my mom is working at the carnival..yippy..i hope this carnival is better then the last one cus the one that we went to was soooo ghetto and gay!lol yeah well im out..


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