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today i stayed home from school cus i felt like shit.. aww i missed all my friends..its sad! i also missed like 3 tests but that doesnt matter.. :) this weekend is britt's party..or now im confused is it britt or cristina's party ::scratch head::? o well its still guna be awsome!

i was thinkin..what would i do without cristina?? shes like my fukin "hater" partner...seriously if i didnt have her i duno i think i wouldnt be a bitch..and i think i would be nice to people i "dislike" ...DIRTY thank u cristina..i love u!!!!!! FAT BITCH!

3 more days until somebody special's birthday..::cough britt cough:: and i g2 go shoppin for her present..(btw britt u cant read this lol)

wow i was so bord today i made this "fotki" thingy its wierd..its got pix of me..i duno i was so fasinated by the name of it and just to sit there and explain to kim that im guan have to call her back and matt that im guna have to talk to him tomarrow cus im working on my "fotki" it was fun cus they both sat there in confusion!

im going to halloween horror nigts for my birthday im excited..! :) its guna be fun!

yeah well im out!

Oo Britt oO

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