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i havent written in lj in soo long!

this weekend was awsome. friday i hung out at regal with "everyone" (too many people to name). and on saturday me, michele, britt and buc nasty (cristina) all chilled. we drove everywhere just cus i duno we had noting else to do. and to look for britt's CD (trick daddy) we went to super walmart, and best buy and in the end we found out that it wasnt even out! dirty. but we did meet some famous dude whose in "all thats left" i told britt to go and talk to him and we found out in the end he was famous. and then we drove through muvico and buc nasty scream to this big black girl that was like humping this lil skinny white kid "fat BITCH" it doesnt sound funny but at the time it was. and britt sang to us i belive in a thing called love..and she spazed out when the dude said GUITAR..it was fukin hilarious! yeah well i have to go str8en mah hair now..chow

o and buc nasty...i still love u and ur hotter than "it" and ben doesnt kno wut he gave up...remember don't eat pepperoni BITCH! much love

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